The Luthando Skills Podcast

Video Production

Catering to our clients’ needs, we provide personalised quotes according to the requirements for each video. You can hire us for a day, or even a week, to shoot a tailored video for your company.

Are you looking for a corporate video & Photo production company in Johannesburg? Then look no further! Luthando Skills & Training Podcast is a full-service video production company based in Johannesburg. We offer a wide range of services, from internal corporate communication to social media video content.

Website Videos

Considering that approximately 90 percent of the information processed by the brain is visual and that visuals are processed much faster than any other sensory input, it is no wonder that Internet use is shifting towards video content.

Event Videos

An event video is the perfect way to keep a record of your company’s functions. Be it a performance, conference, speech, presentation or product launch. Our highly trained team will handle your event with professionalism.


Internal Communication: In today’s fast-paced working environment it’s easy for an email to get lost in the clutter. An online video makes sure that key company announcements are distributed to all employees in a corporate.

Social Media Management

Social Media is becoming increasingly popular as a means of communicating directly with your consumer. Videos on social media platforms increase your reach, engagement and result in product by-in. But a lot of social media.

Training Videos

Conference training can be a time-consuming and slightly ineffective tool when trying to train your employees. Why not invest in a comprehensive corporate video production training video that eradicates a training manual.

Property Videos

Using a corporate video production to advertise real estate is an increasingly popular marketing strategy. People interested in buying or renting are drawn in by video content that captures the flow of the home. They want to get a feeling.

Company Testimonials

Potential clients may need to be assured that your products are of good quality or that your services are sought after. What better way to do this than through a corporate video production that handles company testimonial?

Product Presentation Videos

Still images are no longer enough to entice buyers. People want to see the product from every angle. A corporate video production allows you to communicate the quality of your product clearly and effectively. Attracting.


We offer video dubbing, allowing your video to traverse the globe. We follow a meticulous approach of dubbing to ensure that each speaker’s voice is replaced with its new dialect fitting in key.